Flavia Pittet

IT Engineer - complex information systems student (Master)

I'm a software development engineer student starting my Master degree in September 2017. My studies have oriented me in web, mobile, UX, and project management.

Hay, I'm always up for new challenges and new opportunies! Let's hope you scroll down to see a little more about me

I'm passionate about / interested in:

  • New technologies and innovation
  • Innovative business ideas
  • Web and mobile development
  • Video games, game technologies

Some of my latest projects

What I can do for you

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I make websites and web applications during my free time, if you have a project for me, don't hesisate to contact me !

You can see all the projects I've already worked on in my Portfolio

Curriculum vitae

  • Name: Flavia Pittet
  • Age: 24 y.o.
  • Nationality: Swiss

Objectives and goals

    My goal is to work in my field, which is one or more of the following:
  • Software engineering
  • Web & mobile applications
  • Client facing (business requirements, UX)
  • Project management
    On a non pure professionnal note, I hope to:
  • be happy (that's the point, right?)
  • get more women in STEM


  • English and French speaker
  • Ability to adapt very quickly
  • Good analytics
  • Problem solver (I'm not just putting cool words in, I do mean it)


Javascript full-stack developper

EPFL Innovation Park, Ecublens

Junior development engineer

Swissquote Bank SA, Gland

Bachelor Thesis

Devfactory sàrl, Lausanne

Communications Assistant

Nestlé S.A., Vevey, GLOBE Communications | Work certificate

Internal Corporate Communications internship (MPC)

Nestlé S.A., Vevey, GLOBE Communications | Work certificate (FR)

Volunteering work

Project manager, developper, head of communications (comitee)

FestiGeek, Yverdon-les-Bains


Business School (ECCG)

Martigny, Switzerland

Professionnal Business Maturité

Collège de l’Abbaye

St-maurice, Switzerland

École Nouvelle de la Suisse Romande

Lausanne, Switzerland

Aiglon College

Villars, Switzerland

Technical skills


  • Java
  • PHP
  • JavaScript, Typescript, Jquery, ES6
  • SQL

Frameworks & ORMs

  • PHP: Laravel, Eloquent
  • Java: Spring, Hibernate
  • Javascript: NodeJS, Angular, ReactJS, ExpressJS

Programs, tools, and others

  • Intelij IDE (my main choice)
  • Package / dependencies managers: Maven, npm, graddle
  • Agile SCRUM development methodologies
  • Good object oriented programming knowledge
  • SQL and noSQL databases (MongoDB, couchDB)
  • Linux OS (Ubuntu)


  • French: mother tongue
  • English: second mother tongue
  • German: school level B2



September 2016
Creation of a website for a restaurant, bar, karaoké in Lausanne. They needed a responsive and easily updateable site for their daily menus and photo galleries. Technology-wise, I chose to develop this application using Wordpress in order for their end users to update the site very quickly.

Technologies used

Bachelor Thesis - HGuitare mobile application

May - August 2016
As part of my thesis for my Bachelor degree, I had to create a mobile application for online guitar courses. The site already exists (www.hguitare.com) but they want to expand to the mobile market. My role is to analyse, define the features and code a prototype.

Technologies used (Backend)

Technologies used (Frontend)

As part of our curriculum, we had to develop a transmedia solution for JapanImpact in order to bring in more families. We decided to create a game and a treasure hunt with interactive content.

Technologies used

The aim of this site was to promote the artist and give access to her portfolio to chosen people. The public part of the site is her resume and the secured routes is her portfolio.

Technologies used

This project was part of our curriculum at the end of our second year. The aim was to apply all the things learned in our several classes (backend & frontend programming, Project Management, Communication, etc.). We had to design, code, present and organize a Web Application from A-Z. It was the first time we were confronted with a real client and we've learned a lot from it!
We were split into 2 different groups; ITs (backend) and Medias (Front-end) - I was in IT.

Technologies used

Launching my personal website

July 2014
During the summer, I decided to launch my website that has a responsive design. This has helped me understand how websites are launched, how to buy a domain name, create a site with CSS and HTML as well as using FTP client to send files to server. At the time, I didn't have any PHP or Javascript knowledge, I had to rely only on HTML5 and CSS3.

Technologies used

Mobile application "CT Heroes"


We had to create the webService for the CT Heroes application taking into consideration the submitted data (validation). We also had to include a ressource with pagination.

March 2016

Technologies used


Using a webservice, we had to create a mobile application that would report issues on a map. Each user could see all the reported issues, report, or comment them.

Technologies used


Freelance work

You need a website for your company, for yourself or something else? Contact me! I can help you establish your needs and find the appropriate solutions.



Check out my profile as well!




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Check out my profile as well!